The Estate

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Construction work on the estate and the cellar began in 1990.
Today, after years of hard work, the estate and the cellar complement each other and are integrated with the surrounding Nature.
The estate is the family’s home. The premises host the administration and commercial offices; the estate is corridors decorated in warm and welcoming colors. It’s the residential annex.
The estate is wine-making, the modern section equipped with leading-edge production equipment. The cellar is meters below ground under the residential area. Its arched brick walls give refuge to the barriques that contain the resting wine; the cellar is the center of quiet yet hectic activities. The estate greets the visitor with strong emotions: grandeur, solemnity and peace, a true spectacle even to the more inattentive eyes: Allegorical frescoes, marble statues, stuccos as well as doors, windows and ceilings carved in precious timbers… Each detail is finished with absolute taste. The estate is the heart of the Dal Forno family.