The Cellar

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The solid timber two-wing doors seem to entice the passer-by.
They are the welcoming gateway to the place where the history of the Dal Forno Romano wines had its origin.

They showcase the cellar’s progress and its history without neglecting any detail.
This cellar is where wine-making tradition and technology merge to provide a productive combination. This is where the painstaking pursuit of quality comes close to a fixation but if a wine is to represent the Dal Forno Romano Winery, its quality must never come into question.

It is in this cellar where Luca, Michele and Marco along with their father Romano, are both brain and brawn, ingenuity and commitment. Where day after day each of them provides an essential contribution in his respective role. The combination of four bold and distinct personalities results in a quite balanced alchemy that is typical of a great team.
The indelible memories of those early days and the sight of everyone putting their shoulder to the wheel come back when enjoying a product that since its origin has been verging on perfection.