The Method

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Hard work. Dedication. Patience. Sacrifice.
Attention to detail. Craftsmanship.
The slow yet relentless passing of time.
The useful marking of the days. The toil.
A mortgage on things to come. Nothing is left to ineluctability.
Everything is planned. In the haunting silence of the cellar, each moment is carefully measured.
A vineyard never rests and must always be worked on. Each vineyard is unique. You have to get to know it, pamper every shoot, caress every bunch and delicately lay it in the soft drying crates.
In line with the family’s wishes, only its members are allowed into the cellar. But Romano Dal Forno Winery avails itself of some twenty staff and employees, as well as a widespread network of partners and importers whose operations span from North America to South-East Asia.