The Family

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Three are the names, Luca, Michele and Marco. They mutually alternate in their respective roles and highlight the continuity of a project that is more generational than entrepreneurial in nature, more typical of a family than a run-of- the-mill business. The other name is Romano, Romano dal Forno.

Romano is the founder. His visionary intuitions and his craftsmanship gave origin to the brand that has been bearing his name since the vintage of 1983. It’s a symbol that has been representing all that which has arrived since then and has influenced his life and that of his family.

The sons Luca, Michele and Marco. And his wife Loretta.
Luca, Michele and Marco carry on the work started by Romano with the license to interpret and pursue each and every idea, objective with a spirit of freedom albeit respecting the stringent requirements of the processing, production and marketing stages: working in the vineyards, picking and selecting the grapes, sticking to resting and racking times, bottling and selling.
In order to interpret the structure and taste in a topical way and emphasize the historical features of the Dal Forno Romano wines from a contemporary perspective, as well as recover the traditional corporate values and at the same time be guided by these driving forces while keeping an eye on leading-edge technologies, what is required is the acceptance of risk, commitment, sacrifice and consistency so that the realization of one’s dreams is just the next step.