The Harvest

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A festive time. A time for celebration.

A time for toil. The harvest lasts from mid September to late October, and is preceded by the meticulous selection of the best bunches. Any individual grape that fails to meet our strict quality standards is discarded. The harvest is laid in plateaux and left to rest in the spacious and well- ventilated open rooms of the fruit shed.
November is the time for crushing and blending Valpolicella Superiore, while for Amarone this deadline is pushed back to December.

During the drying stage, any damaged grapes are removed.
The wine is fermented in steel vats at a controlled temperature.
It then matures in brand new barriques.
Finally, it ages in the bottle for a further thirty six months and only after this extra resting period it is released from the Dal Forno Romano cellar.
Each vintage is a gamble. Each vintage is different. Each vintage is the result of toil and expectation. No year’s vintage ever gives full satisfaction, we always expect more from the next year.

We look to the past to find new incentives and interpret future vintages.