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The Region

The winery Romano Dal Forno is situated in the “Val d’Illasi” (Valley of Illasi), a valley to the east of Verona which, together with many others, forms part of the Lessini chain of mountains, that envelope the northern reaches of Verona in its embrace.


The winery can be found in the middle of this valley, in a flat area close to the hills, which acts as a suntrap and which is dedicated to the production of wine and olive oil.


For years this land was managed in such a way that the vines were merely exploited in order to obtain high harvest yields.


The mindset of the winery evolved and they readdressed their selection process and the reclamation of varieties, such as the decision taken to eliminate the Molinara grape whilst at the same time rediscovering indigenous  grape varieties that had long been neglected, which has borne fruit to the fundamental ingredients required for today’s production.


 “The earth holds the memories of our exertions, and the vines are enriched with our memories.”